Remember our last post weeks ago about SuperSale Bazaar?  Here is my review of the said event. I know this is sooo soooo late but as cliche as it sounds, it is true! BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. haha Anyway, I was part of the event as a tenant for my store Heir Clothing. I can say that more Filipinos are into the clothing retail industry, either doing buy and sell or manufacturing their own products. These Filipinos are mostly young entrepreneurs who are capturing different markets fast all over the country and even in abroad. I don't know if I am aging fast, but gosh these youngsters are aggressively multiplying. I am proud of all the young entrepreneurs who are actually working hard to make a name in this industry. 

The bazaar was a HUGE success as said by the organizers. True enough, it was the best bazaar of Heir Clothing so far. We met our very loyal customers who came all the way to The World Trade Center just to visit our booth, some new clients and bloggers too! Sorry for not posting an outfit post. I was too busy mending the booth and talking to many nice+ interesting+clients of heir :) If you are looking for a bazaar to join for your business, SuperSale Bazaar is a trusted one! You will surely get the foot traffic you want, great sales and aggressive advertising! 

Oh! I finally met Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibrium, Heir's favorite blogger!
(Photo courtesy of Aisa)




Heir Clothing @ SuperSale Bazaar

What is perfect timing? One way to start your summer is by changing your wardrobe! Who wouldn't wan't to look all pretty for the season? This would be the perfect time to dress up since we're all away from school and party from work. (YES! I WILL BE GRADUATING THIS JUNE 2012). Oh not to mention, dressing up for a vacay (vacation) with our family and friends! 

The heat is up and why not turn it up one notch  by showing you Heir Clothing's summer collection at the first summer bazaar this 2012-SuperSale Bazaar at The world Trade Center. It is open from March 2-4, 2012 (That's Friday to Sunday). A perfect time to spend you weekend! Aren't you eegggziited?? Because I am! haha :) Tickets are only P100 each. Very worth it for the best bazaar this season. 

Heir Clothing will not only bring you our summer collection but also 50% off on other items. So now, are you eggzited?? :)) Anyway, see you all there! Have a great weekend!