Heir top | Zara shorts | H&M belt | Elianto polish 

 Japanese brand bag | Tint shoes

On a normal casual working day + errands day, this is how I look.  Simple top, simple shorts, simple shoes- SEE I am a simple girl. haha! But seriously I like wearing clothes that are not too much, you know what I mean. (of course except for some occasion). My blog should have a title of "Simple diary of a simple girl" hahah kidding aside. Enough of that! 

My top is a perfect one for a causal day. I got it from my amazing store HEIR with uber many good finds. I am not sure of what the fabric is called but it seriously is comfy as a marshmallow. Plus check out the sexy low back cut! Very refreshing for a hot day :))  You can also wear this to a semi formal event by pairing it with a maxi skirt and gold chunky necklaces. Can you imagine it like how I imagine it?  :)

That same night, I wore this to a Christmas party. I've been attending a lot this year and I love it. Don't you love Christmas parties?  :)


Topshop black tank | Taiwan brand pants | The Ramp cardigan

                                           H&M belt

                                            Loewe bag

Who said color blocking was just a trend? It became a lifestyle. (Just like this stylish girl Eunice) You'll see people casually sporting bold color + another bold color at the same time, thus the color blocking term. I guess people were hyped up when that trend was still IN, to the point that they carry it with them almost everyday. True enough this trend can really brighten up one's day because of its being colorful. I myself  admit that i love putting on many colors to my outfit. What you wear cannot only express your personality or feelings but it can also MAKE your mood for the day. So go ahead! Dress up like a clown. HAHA kidding. :))

PS. I love that Loewe vintage bag. It never gets out of style :)

PSS. The title of this entry was inspired by the lyrics black and yellow, black and yellow.. But since the colors of the outfit are blue and yellow, I changed it to that. :)



I take good pictures right? haha Told you I will soon be a professional photographer! Anyway, from my previous post, I told you that I will share what I ate that night. so tadaaaaa! I now introduce you to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Omakase. The first time I ate there was in their Eastwood branch. Honestly, I instantly fell in love with all their sushi (I guess now you know that I am a sushi lover). On top of my list is American Dream which you can see in picture#5. I also love (all sushi) Dynamite roll, spider, spicy tuna, las vegas, philadelphia, and the one with salmon. You can just imagine how crazy I went when I saw their menu. NONSTOP SUSHI ALL YOU CAN :) Back to my dinner date, my boyfriend and I ordered my all time favorite American dream-it gave me a sweet dream that night. (HAHA! I know I am corny. No one laughs at my jokes, but me. :) )



H&M lace top | Zara reptile print skirt | Forevr21 blue suede belt | H&M royal blue pumps

 This outfit reminds me of Blair Waldorf. Well, not with the short skirt but a longer A-line type plus probably a kilo of gold accessories. HAHA! Since Christmas break is near, I am beginning to get hooked catching up with Gossip Girl-which explains my comment earlier. Anyway, back to my outfit, I am not usually dressed like this since people notice how much I love anything plain and bold. But for a special dinner date, I opted for a more feminine look, hence the lace top. I paired it with a darker tone skirt to balance my outfit since I don't usually go for a girly girl look. For some boldness, I used my suede royal blue belt and the same tone with my shoes. Oh! by the way, I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I will share it with you soon. :)    



1. Jessica Simpson heels!

(T-B) BEDE heels in blue/gold summer haze, PRINCESS heels in ultra royal blue suede P, 
PARISSA heels in bronze liquid metal P, EVANNAN heels in blue violet/black kid P

I am in love with their lovely colorful shoes. On a normal day, I don't usually wear heels because I would choose comfort more than beauty. But I have this thing with heels that I keep on buying even if I don't wear them that much. I guess I just adore them and want to buy all the cute heels. How I wish someone nice would buy me a pair of these. I am SIZE 7 by the way. :)


Since I am a desperate aspiring photographer and I started my blog, I need a good camera. Cannon G12 has been really good to me but that's my dad's camera, I want my own. I am not that familiar with the types of cameras but I heard that S95 is a good one to start with, very light and small, easy to bring anywhere and everywhere. 

3. Blackberry, Iphone, or Itouch  

Techy stuff is not my thing. I am very much okay with a C3 Nokia phone because I just use it to text and call. However, external factors like the environment and my friends are greatly influencing me to have one of these. Come to think of it, I actually need it for my busy schedule. Blackberry for BBM and social network connections, Iphone or Itouch for their useful applications like budgeting your money, editing pictures, and etc. I will be very happy if someone plans to give me one of these. :)

4. Adobe Photoshop (for my pictures and blog)

I am dying to learn how to use this. Paint has been my best friend for years now and believe me, I've done wonders with it. But still, Adobe has more functions that I really need. So I hope someone would download adobe and tutor me. :)

5. Ocean Park

I've never been to Ocean Park Philippines and in that case, I want to go this DECEMBER. It would be an adventure and lovely trip to sea the wonders of the earth. Just look at the picture above that I Googled! Isn't it tempting to go there?

But above all, I just wish for happiness and good health of my family and friends. Sounds cliche but that's what matters most to me than all those lovely material stuff.  :)



 Zara sweater | Bazaar belt | F21 ring | Longchamp bag 
 Bench skirt
Ibiza flats from Tribute. 

The rain makes me lazy to dress up. Thank God for sweaters! I can just grab one out of my closet and pair it with anything short for a comfy look. The Zara sweater I got is my favorite of that kind. It has a loose effect and a curve-cut sleeves, not like the normal sweater you get from other stores. Plus, pairing it with a chiffon pleated skirt makes the look extra special. It was my first time to buy clothes from Bench, and I must say, they've changed a lot from their previous style. Applause for them! 

Oh! Don't forget to add accessories. For my look, I want it minimal so I added a weaved belt I got from a bazaar and a gold knuckle ring form Forever 21 (They have really cute accessories). You can pile on necklaces but I want it simple and less accessories.     

For my shoes, it is from Tribute shoes, a brand made here in the Philippines and operated by two hardworking students from Ateneo (Hi Daryl Chan). I am currently in love with the shoes I'm wearing. I actually wear it almost everyday to school (hehe). Once I love something, I get hooked. Not only it is comfortable, but you can pair it with anything easily! :)


Holiday spark

I've been babbling on how much I love shimmery, glittery, and sparkling clothes. Well, guess what?? I have MORE for you! I got pictures from different blogs on different ways to wear a shimmery piece- be it a dress, skirt, top, blazer or accessory. So here are the pictures! Enjoy! :)

Do you recognize this girl? I bet you are familiar with Ms. Itscamilleco. This fully-sequined backless Topshop dress is TO DIE FOR! Perfect for Christmas eve with your fambam. Pairing it with equally dazzling shoes is the way to go. 
 (photo courtesy of www.itscamilleco.blogspot.com)

Camille surely knows how to have fun in mix and matching clothes. Who said a sequined top can't go with a same-tone sequin blazer? This is an entry Camille Co styled for her Mango It Girl competition. She is one of the five candidates of Mango It Girl. Click the link above and support our fellow Filipina fashion blogger. I am so proud of her! Amazing how she stood out from thousands of fashion bloggers. 
 (photo courtesy of www.itscamilleco.blogspot.com)

Shoes can make or break your outfit. With these lovelies, you will surely make heads turn. Formal wear is not  the only option for these type of shoes! Why not go casual? Take advice from another resident blogger, Kryz Uy!
 (photo courtesy of www.kryzuy.com)

The girl behind the elegant and youthful styles of Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, ASAP celebrities and etc. Boop Yap is a resident when it comes to styling. She played around her skirt making it the focal. Simple yet elegant, she was able to make an oomph in her outfit. Oh check her shoes! Don't you just love it?
(photo courtesy of Boop Yap! Thanks Boop!)

Let's go international with Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast. This gorgeous Alexander Wang chenille turtleneck sweater can be worn in different ways (you can also wear it with a black tight-fit leather pants). But Rumi did her signature style of pairing it with a (Forever 21) chiffon skirt for an easy breezy playful look. 
(photo courtesy of www.fashiontoast.com)




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F21 +shimmer

You know it's the season of  giving when you see all things shimmery and sparkling. F21 can attest to this! I am in love with all their sequined tops and blazers! To make it more awesome, they have glittery flats too.  Plus bad ass boots. Don't you just love piling on layers of clothes in this cold breezy weather?
How will you not enjoy December with these yummy clothes?  
   To complete your Christmas look, you should have a pair of these lovely flats <3

Boots boots boots! With or without high heels, these would look great on a shimmery dress + blazer + black tights. :)




Hello everyone! Welcome to my world of fashion, food, travel, and photography (Yes, I am a frustrated photographer! But I believe that one day, I will be good in this field). I am a 21 year-old entrepreneur student from UA&P, a designer, and owner of Heir Clothing (located at 3rd floor Shoppesville Greenhills). Finally I decided to make my own blog after so so many years. So there, I hope you and I will enjoy and get inspired with my blog. (please bear with my oh-so beautiful pictures! hehe) Toodles! :)