They say when you start being active in daily activities, that is the time you gain wisdom and experience that is irreplaceable. And I guess that's what I've been feeding myself the whole summer-the time, lessons and experience of running a business, having quality time with family and friends, trying out new things, gaining knowledge, and trying to survive every day of my life with hard work, determination and perseverance. This 2012, I told myself that this will be the year of trying new things and success. The first few months of the year passed by so fast without me accomplishing anything. But I recovered this summer with all the activities I did and are still doing. Better late than never right? 

So here's a sneak peek of my life this summer. I've been to many places in the Philippines the most this year, and I tell you! I will conquer the Philippines! yeaaah uuh conquer meaning travel. get me? haha. Also, I am very much focused with my clothing business. I am doing everything I can and trying to get all the opportunities to make Heir Clothing the best casual wear store to go to in the Philippines. It is a tough competition out there! But I strongly believe in my products, brand, employees, and everything about the business, that we are going to make it BIG SOON! 

To most of my friends, I am sorry for missing in action for the past 2 months, for I have been very very busy with Heir Clothing and my beach trips. Anyway, Again, I will try my best to post more often. I will be posting my trips, what's new with my clothing store and some random outfit posts and reviews soon. So keep posted

Have a great week ahead! :)     


The Comeback


Can you guess what I meant with the title of this entry? Well one is I AM FINALLY BACK. I decided to continue blogging not just to keep track of my outfits and blog about my store (Heir Clothing if you people don't know) but also share with you the art of dressing up! There's like that (MEHGANON)?? As if I am the best dressed girl in the world hehe. Anyway, so here I am trying my best to blog about clothes, food, life and anything under the sun. Hope you continue reading my blog. But if in some circumstances I bore you, you are free to close this window.  But please don't hehe. SECOND reason why I named my title THAT, is because of the comeback of denim! Yes, it is HOT again this summer. Here is Heir Clothing's example of an innovated modern style of denim now! 


It is my first to own a full denim dress. What I love about this Juicy Couture dress is its soft denim color. I am not that punk rock type of girl who would wear a darker shade of denim dress with chunky boots and metal accessories. I can't imagine me wearing that for now, maybe in the future?? NOT. The twisted straps of this dress made it more special. It reminds me of lovely braided straps. To emphasize the dress, I paired it with a different tone of blue colored Sperry inspired shoes. I got that shoes on sale at Celine! It was only 799 pesos. What a steal right? Another good find is my cute global map designed mini-bag. It is so small that you can only put your money and lipstick in it. I got it only for 250 pesos in a thrift shop. So there! I kept my outfit simple, clean and summer ready!

As you can see, there are mini hot air balloons, planes, and kites in my pictures. Of course, you guessed it right! I attended this year's Hot Air Balloon for the first time. Too bad I wasn't able to see the real Hot Air Balloons since I woke up late, but it's okay! I still saw cute and colorful paper hot air balloons. hehe. This is a super late post but I still want to share it. :)

Do you like my outfit? :)



Remember our last post weeks ago about SuperSale Bazaar?  Here is my review of the said event. I know this is sooo soooo late but as cliche as it sounds, it is true! BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. haha Anyway, I was part of the event as a tenant for my store Heir Clothing. I can say that more Filipinos are into the clothing retail industry, either doing buy and sell or manufacturing their own products. These Filipinos are mostly young entrepreneurs who are capturing different markets fast all over the country and even in abroad. I don't know if I am aging fast, but gosh these youngsters are aggressively multiplying. I am proud of all the young entrepreneurs who are actually working hard to make a name in this industry. 

The bazaar was a HUGE success as said by the organizers. True enough, it was the best bazaar of Heir Clothing so far. We met our very loyal customers who came all the way to The World Trade Center just to visit our booth, some new clients and bloggers too! Sorry for not posting an outfit post. I was too busy mending the booth and talking to many nice+ interesting+clients of heir :) If you are looking for a bazaar to join for your business, SuperSale Bazaar is a trusted one! You will surely get the foot traffic you want, great sales and aggressive advertising! 

Oh! I finally met Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibrium, Heir's favorite blogger!
(Photo courtesy of Aisa)




Heir Clothing @ SuperSale Bazaar

What is perfect timing? One way to start your summer is by changing your wardrobe! Who wouldn't wan't to look all pretty for the season? This would be the perfect time to dress up since we're all away from school and party from work. (YES! I WILL BE GRADUATING THIS JUNE 2012). Oh not to mention, dressing up for a vacay (vacation) with our family and friends! 

The heat is up and why not turn it up one notch  by showing you Heir Clothing's summer collection at the first summer bazaar this 2012-SuperSale Bazaar at The world Trade Center. It is open from March 2-4, 2012 (That's Friday to Sunday). A perfect time to spend you weekend! Aren't you eegggziited?? Because I am! haha :) Tickets are only P100 each. Very worth it for the best bazaar this season. 

Heir Clothing will not only bring you our summer collection but also 50% off on other items. So now, are you eggzited?? :)) Anyway, see you all there! Have a great weekend!



Sorry for being MIA again for the last few weeks. At last! my crucial subject is over, so I now have a more relaxed schedule. Blogging everyday would be on top of my list now! Can't wait to share lotsa things with you. Here's a picture to amuse you all. hihi 



Alishan is Taiwan's highest mountain resort. It is like Baquio in the Philippines. Going up this small city is challenging because of its high pressure. But it's all worth it when you witness the beauty of this God-given creation. We were lucky to experience and actually see sunrise on top of the city (the sun doesn't come out clearly every day)-such breathtaking view.  Never would anyone think of doing water rafting on a 10-degree cold morning but us. hehe It was a fun icy experience that I will never ever forget(of course I almost died of cold). The quiet streets and lovely nature view make me want to go back and relax. Aaaah good life! :)



I have been in Taiwan several times when I was young. Never did we thought of having an adventure by getting out of the busy city and just relax in the countryside up north. It was during this trip that we got to visit a different place in Taiwan called Hualien. Hualien is considered as one of the most pleasant cities in Taiwan. It is located on a strip of land between the Pacific Ocean (I bet you heard this body of water million times in your Civics class) and the central mountain range. A lot of tourists enjoy the scenery and fresh air of this peaceful city.

From Taipei, you can ride their express train for 2 hours going to Hualien. As you can see, I piled on clothes in preparation for the cold weather there. When I travel to cold places, first thing in my mind is knitted clothes. Hence, my tweed blazer and knitted bag.  

Topshop scarf | Zara sweater | Vintage tweed blazer 
 Zara pants and bag | Shanghai brand boots
We all fell in love with their nougat. It tastes like a heaven sent chewy milk with almonds.   

 Hualien is home of freshly made mochi in Taiwan. In their factory, you will witness how they make their scrumptious mochi. It is actually very easy to make one. All you need is flour flour flour and water and the flavor inside and.. that's everything I know. You can choose from red bean, chocolate, peanut butter mochi and etc. They have a variety to choose from. You will really go crazy, wanting to try everything :)

One of the tourist places in Hualien is Taroko park. They have a walkway specially designed for tourists to walk on. The park has a peaceful scenery where you can walk hand in hand with your loved one. Just be careful! because the natural water falling from this mountain park might surprise you along the way. 

 Highway 11 is famous for its long stretch overlooking the beauty of Hualien coastline. You can rent a scooter or bike and hit the road. 
We had lunch in a restaurant on top of a mountain. The ambiance felt like I was in Tagaytay. You would see the place surrounded by wood. Even their plate and utensils are made of wood. For lunch, they served us a hearty meal filled with vegetables and fish. nom nom nom

 We also entered a cave near Taroko park

We dropped by one of their beaches. The waves was so strong, it could eat up hundreds of people. 

 Our whole trip to Hualien was a chilly peaceful one. Glad to see the other side of Taiwan :)