The Comeback


Can you guess what I meant with the title of this entry? Well one is I AM FINALLY BACK. I decided to continue blogging not just to keep track of my outfits and blog about my store (Heir Clothing if you people don't know) but also share with you the art of dressing up! There's like that (MEHGANON)?? As if I am the best dressed girl in the world hehe. Anyway, so here I am trying my best to blog about clothes, food, life and anything under the sun. Hope you continue reading my blog. But if in some circumstances I bore you, you are free to close this window.  But please don't hehe. SECOND reason why I named my title THAT, is because of the comeback of denim! Yes, it is HOT again this summer. Here is Heir Clothing's example of an innovated modern style of denim now! 


It is my first to own a full denim dress. What I love about this Juicy Couture dress is its soft denim color. I am not that punk rock type of girl who would wear a darker shade of denim dress with chunky boots and metal accessories. I can't imagine me wearing that for now, maybe in the future?? NOT. The twisted straps of this dress made it more special. It reminds me of lovely braided straps. To emphasize the dress, I paired it with a different tone of blue colored Sperry inspired shoes. I got that shoes on sale at Celine! It was only 799 pesos. What a steal right? Another good find is my cute global map designed mini-bag. It is so small that you can only put your money and lipstick in it. I got it only for 250 pesos in a thrift shop. So there! I kept my outfit simple, clean and summer ready!

As you can see, there are mini hot air balloons, planes, and kites in my pictures. Of course, you guessed it right! I attended this year's Hot Air Balloon for the first time. Too bad I wasn't able to see the real Hot Air Balloons since I woke up late, but it's okay! I still saw cute and colorful paper hot air balloons. hehe. This is a super late post but I still want to share it. :)

Do you like my outfit? :)

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