Alishan is Taiwan's highest mountain resort. It is like Baquio in the Philippines. Going up this small city is challenging because of its high pressure. But it's all worth it when you witness the beauty of this God-given creation. We were lucky to experience and actually see sunrise on top of the city (the sun doesn't come out clearly every day)-such breathtaking view.  Never would anyone think of doing water rafting on a 10-degree cold morning but us. hehe It was a fun icy experience that I will never ever forget(of course I almost died of cold). The quiet streets and lovely nature view make me want to go back and relax. Aaaah good life! :)


  1. Wow breathtaking views indeed! :) glad you survived water rafting at 10 degree :))

  2. Thank you Hazel! I am indeed a scenery lover! the water rafting was deadly but one of the exciting things I've done, not to mention the 10-degree weather :)