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Hello Taiwan! We meet again. I can't exactly remember the last time I was there because it was ages ago, when I was still "nene"-as they call it. Whenever I hear Taiwan, I get excited just reminiscing about the food there. Aside from meeting my relatives (grandmother side), I also look forward to shopping spree at their local stores and tasting their yummy food whether it be in a restaurant or streets. PLUS don't forget their milk tea-where it all originated. 

Never full LV bag. This is one of my favorite! It can carry everything you'll need. You can even put your laptop, charger, make up kit, books, shoes and etc. (LAHAT NA!) You can even use it as your shopping bag! oh diba? :))  

 New shooesies I got from Nava in Shoppesville Greenhills. I never knew they have a variety of shoes to choose from until that day I bought these.
Looking at the title of this entry, you would wonder why I chose that. Well, it is because of my Marc Jacobs knitted oversize sweater I got from a thrift shop. MARC JACOBS sa thrift shop! saan ka pa makakahanap nun! (where else can you find something like that?-in English). I love the twisted knitted detail of my sweater which spells luxury. To add color to my outfit, I chose an orange scarf that screams HELLO. haha  


Taiwan is known for their mochi. Unlike here in the Philippines, you can buy their mochis straight from the kitchen-that's how fresh it is. You would know the difference if it's fresh or not, from the texture itself to the taste of it. With every bite, you'll definitely ask for more. 

 Of course for my first night, I used my time wisely by going to their local shops.
I was lucky to find this Taiwan-Korean store which carries a lot of cute stuff. I admire how fashionable Taiwanese people dress. They are like Koreans but in a milder way in the aspect of dressing up. They love anything furry, loose tops, short shorts or skirts, high heels, tights in different prints and colors, anything shimmery (like me), and etc. I was so inspired to dress pretty there to be in theme with how they dress up and carry themselves. So since it is winter season, layering is the key :)

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