Heir top | Zara shorts | H&M belt | Elianto polish 

 Japanese brand bag | Tint shoes

On a normal casual working day + errands day, this is how I look.  Simple top, simple shorts, simple shoes- SEE I am a simple girl. haha! But seriously I like wearing clothes that are not too much, you know what I mean. (of course except for some occasion). My blog should have a title of "Simple diary of a simple girl" hahah kidding aside. Enough of that! 

My top is a perfect one for a causal day. I got it from my amazing store HEIR with uber many good finds. I am not sure of what the fabric is called but it seriously is comfy as a marshmallow. Plus check out the sexy low back cut! Very refreshing for a hot day :))  You can also wear this to a semi formal event by pairing it with a maxi skirt and gold chunky necklaces. Can you imagine it like how I imagine it?  :)

That same night, I wore this to a Christmas party. I've been attending a lot this year and I love it. Don't you love Christmas parties?  :)

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