I take good pictures right? haha Told you I will soon be a professional photographer! Anyway, from my previous post, I told you that I will share what I ate that night. so tadaaaaa! I now introduce you to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Omakase. The first time I ate there was in their Eastwood branch. Honestly, I instantly fell in love with all their sushi (I guess now you know that I am a sushi lover). On top of my list is American Dream which you can see in picture#5. I also love (all sushi) Dynamite roll, spider, spicy tuna, las vegas, philadelphia, and the one with salmon. You can just imagine how crazy I went when I saw their menu. NONSTOP SUSHI ALL YOU CAN :) Back to my dinner date, my boyfriend and I ordered my all time favorite American dream-it gave me a sweet dream that night. (HAHA! I know I am corny. No one laughs at my jokes, but me. :) )

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