Topshop black tank | Taiwan brand pants | The Ramp cardigan

                                           H&M belt

                                            Loewe bag

Who said color blocking was just a trend? It became a lifestyle. (Just like this stylish girl Eunice) You'll see people casually sporting bold color + another bold color at the same time, thus the color blocking term. I guess people were hyped up when that trend was still IN, to the point that they carry it with them almost everyday. True enough this trend can really brighten up one's day because of its being colorful. I myself  admit that i love putting on many colors to my outfit. What you wear cannot only express your personality or feelings but it can also MAKE your mood for the day. So go ahead! Dress up like a clown. HAHA kidding. :))

PS. I love that Loewe vintage bag. It never gets out of style :)

PSS. The title of this entry was inspired by the lyrics black and yellow, black and yellow.. But since the colors of the outfit are blue and yellow, I changed it to that. :)

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