1. Jessica Simpson heels!

(T-B) BEDE heels in blue/gold summer haze, PRINCESS heels in ultra royal blue suede P, 
PARISSA heels in bronze liquid metal P, EVANNAN heels in blue violet/black kid P

I am in love with their lovely colorful shoes. On a normal day, I don't usually wear heels because I would choose comfort more than beauty. But I have this thing with heels that I keep on buying even if I don't wear them that much. I guess I just adore them and want to buy all the cute heels. How I wish someone nice would buy me a pair of these. I am SIZE 7 by the way. :)


Since I am a desperate aspiring photographer and I started my blog, I need a good camera. Cannon G12 has been really good to me but that's my dad's camera, I want my own. I am not that familiar with the types of cameras but I heard that S95 is a good one to start with, very light and small, easy to bring anywhere and everywhere. 

3. Blackberry, Iphone, or Itouch  

Techy stuff is not my thing. I am very much okay with a C3 Nokia phone because I just use it to text and call. However, external factors like the environment and my friends are greatly influencing me to have one of these. Come to think of it, I actually need it for my busy schedule. Blackberry for BBM and social network connections, Iphone or Itouch for their useful applications like budgeting your money, editing pictures, and etc. I will be very happy if someone plans to give me one of these. :)

4. Adobe Photoshop (for my pictures and blog)

I am dying to learn how to use this. Paint has been my best friend for years now and believe me, I've done wonders with it. But still, Adobe has more functions that I really need. So I hope someone would download adobe and tutor me. :)

5. Ocean Park

I've never been to Ocean Park Philippines and in that case, I want to go this DECEMBER. It would be an adventure and lovely trip to sea the wonders of the earth. Just look at the picture above that I Googled! Isn't it tempting to go there?

But above all, I just wish for happiness and good health of my family and friends. Sounds cliche but that's what matters most to me than all those lovely material stuff.  :)

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