Holiday spark

I've been babbling on how much I love shimmery, glittery, and sparkling clothes. Well, guess what?? I have MORE for you! I got pictures from different blogs on different ways to wear a shimmery piece- be it a dress, skirt, top, blazer or accessory. So here are the pictures! Enjoy! :)

Do you recognize this girl? I bet you are familiar with Ms. Itscamilleco. This fully-sequined backless Topshop dress is TO DIE FOR! Perfect for Christmas eve with your fambam. Pairing it with equally dazzling shoes is the way to go. 
 (photo courtesy of www.itscamilleco.blogspot.com)

Camille surely knows how to have fun in mix and matching clothes. Who said a sequined top can't go with a same-tone sequin blazer? This is an entry Camille Co styled for her Mango It Girl competition. She is one of the five candidates of Mango It Girl. Click the link above and support our fellow Filipina fashion blogger. I am so proud of her! Amazing how she stood out from thousands of fashion bloggers. 
 (photo courtesy of www.itscamilleco.blogspot.com)

Shoes can make or break your outfit. With these lovelies, you will surely make heads turn. Formal wear is not  the only option for these type of shoes! Why not go casual? Take advice from another resident blogger, Kryz Uy!
 (photo courtesy of www.kryzuy.com)

The girl behind the elegant and youthful styles of Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, ASAP celebrities and etc. Boop Yap is a resident when it comes to styling. She played around her skirt making it the focal. Simple yet elegant, she was able to make an oomph in her outfit. Oh check her shoes! Don't you just love it?
(photo courtesy of Boop Yap! Thanks Boop!)

Let's go international with Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast. This gorgeous Alexander Wang chenille turtleneck sweater can be worn in different ways (you can also wear it with a black tight-fit leather pants). But Rumi did her signature style of pairing it with a (Forever 21) chiffon skirt for an easy breezy playful look. 
(photo courtesy of www.fashiontoast.com)


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